Wind & Storm Damage – When Mother Nature Strikes

shutterstock_2091334Severe weather such as hail, lightning, High winds and heavy rains which can leave a wake of damage in its path. When strong storms hit, the damage to residential and commercial buildings is inevitable. Storm damage can range from minor to severe and may require intensive storm damage restoration. JC Alvar Construction LLC is equipped to assist with severe damage repair , high wind damage repair, flood damage clean up, flood damage repair and will work quickly to restore your home to pre-loss condition.

The first step is to secure the area and remove any debris or fallen trees. We have heavy equipment to demo buildings and extract and haul off large amounts of water, mud and debris and if your home or business has been breached by the storm damage we will work quickly to get those areas tarped and boarded up to prevent further damage. If necessary we will install a fence around the area in order to secure and protect personal property.


Next we will repair and/or replace the damaged areas of your home. JC Alvar Construction LLC is equipped to manage all repairs to your home whether interior or exterior in nature and will mitigate any water damage that may have occurred.

We can assist with all aspects of the repair process (even if you have no power) including roofing, siding, gutters, window / glass replacement, drying and dehumidification, flooring, electrical, plumbing, HVAC, emergency power, electronics restoration, contents restoration and more.

It is difficult to prepare for harsh weather or an unexpected storm and the process can be extremely overwhelming. We will work directly with you and your insurance carrier in order to meet and exceed your repair expectations.

Call JC Alvar Construction LLC today to prevent further damage to your home or business!